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Compost is produced from the decomposition of meal leftovers, stale food, crab shells, grass clippings, etc. TOGO will help you to start composting. This manure provides a number of essential nutrients for the faster growth of plants. It nourishes soil by forming moisture and essential nutrients inland. Also, it’s always better to choose composting if one wants to ensure correct trash disposal.


There are various types of composting. These types include direct composting, commercial composting, vermicomposting, etc. It organically decomposes all the trash and generates compost to use.

Now, Let’s explore a few advantages of composting:

Minimizes trash creation

When green trash like meal leftovers, and yard scraps, is composted, it decreases the huge quantities of green trash sent to landfills. Also, it helps to eliminate high amounts of greenhouse gas emissions like methane. Adopting these processes also preserves valuable land spaces that can be used for farming, establishing factories, building residential areas, etc.

Promotes plant growth

Using manure for growing plants has several benefits. It slowly releases essential rich nutrients in the ground which can be easily absorbed by plants. It contains rich nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are necessary for plant health. It protects the plants from many diseases as well.

Nourishes & tightens the soil

Manure increases the fertility and productivity of the land. Many times, the soil is too acidic & infertile for farming activities. When manure is added to such barren land, it acts as an effective fertilizer for plant growth. It adds useful nutrients to the ground, improves soil quality, and facilitates faster growth.

Also, when we add manure to the ground, many micronutrients like calcium, sulfur, and nitrogen are produced within the ground. This creates moisture and improves soil fertility. Consequently, it raises the plant growth rate and thus tightens the soil. This also protects the soil from erosion.

Improves air quality

Composting reduces the volumes of trash sent to dump yards, therefore emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are also reduced. On the other hand, the open burning of scraps releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. The smoke released in the atmosphere creates many health problems like respiratory diseases, asthma, and so on. If more and more people start composting then the negative impacts of such wrong garbage disposal will be minimized as well. And, it will improve the overall air quality.

Saves money

Composting does not require high amounts of spending. Compost produced can be used as a replacement for pesticides & fertilizers. Therefore, it saves a lot of money spent on expensive pesticides & fertilizers. These chemical fertilizers also create health problems if someone gets exposed to them. Instead of this, the use of compost promotes plant growth in natural ways.


So, there are many benefits to adopting composting. Composting always creates a positive impact on the ecosystem and the environment. You can select any method of composting to handle your trash management needs. It is possible that conventional methods of composting may seem monotonous and time-consuming to you. So, you can also go for installing an organic waste composting machine-like TOGO Composter.

This organic waste composter machine decomposes every type of wet material within 24 hours. After decomposition, you get manure. The process does not contain any harmful gases or pathogens. Using this natural manure is the best alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

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