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Organic fertilizer refers to the carbonaceous material mainly derived from plants and animals and applied to the soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function. It is processed from biological substances, animal and plant wastes and plant residues, which eliminates the toxic and harmful substances and is rich in a large number of beneficial substances. It is the main nutrient for the production of green food.

The origin of chemical fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer produced by industrialization and produced through chemical reaction, which is conducive to the production and development of crops. There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers, but urea is common. The reason why chemical fertilizer is very popular is that it has strong pertinence, fast effect and high nutrient content. Compared with inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer is often called animal manure, which is formed through scientific processing and production technology. Because it is a green and natural fertilizer, it is very popular. This fertilizer can provide various nutrients for the growth of crops. It contains rich probiotics, which can improve the soil structure and increase the vitality of the land.

1. excessive use of chemical fertilizer will destroy the structure of soil and cause immeasurable damage to soil; However, organic fertilizer can rejuvenate the soil.

2. the improvement of soil and crops by organic fertilizer is a cyclic and gradual process, and the targeted development of nutrients requires certain biological events and processes; Chemical fertilizer can improve the growth needs of crops in a short time, but it is also easy to lose a lot of nutrients.

3. probiotics are indispensable in organic fertilizers. Do not underestimate these microorganisms. They can play a biological role in the soil, continuously improve the soil and make the barren land more fertile, but chemical fertilizers play the opposite role.

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