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The fruit and vegetable garbage composting machine is a device that integrates all treatment processes. This device integrates oil-water separation, high-temperature fermentation, and high-temperature drying. It only needs to dump the fruit and vegetable garbage into the equipment for automatic treatment, which can meet the emission standard after treatment.

The integrated machine of fruit and vegetable waste treatment equipment can be dehydrated, oil-water separation, microbial high-temperature aerobic and other comprehensive treatment technologies, which can be quickly decomposed (fruits and vegetables, vegetable leaves, vegetable roots, food residues, chicken, duck, and fish waste, shrimp and crab shells, eggshells, bones, etc.) as raw materials. As long as the operating parameters are set, it will run automatically within 24 hours without any manual operation. 90% of organic waste can meet the discharge standard after treatment, and grease is recovered during pretreatment. 10% of solid emissions are used as organic fertilizers for the planting and reproduction of ecosystems. The whole processing process is free from pollution and secondary pollution. Follow the national waste disposal principle of “reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization”.


1. Convenient operation and maintenance, strong anti-interference ability, and high reliability.

2. Various functional equipment can be installed according to the characteristics of the region, such as moisture-proof equipment, and high-temperature, and low-temperature equipment.

3. The low-temperature magnetization thermal decomposition device can be equipped with an intelligent monitoring display, GPS positioning, LED large screen display, operation, remote data transmission, and other functions.

4. With magnetization cracking main body, oil pollution isolation layer, secondary combustion treatment system, purification, and desulfurization system, catalytic purification function, etc., it is an ideal treatment equipment for domestic waste “reduction, harmlessness, recycling” and local solution.

Fruit and vegetable waste treatment equipment integrated machine pretreatment + solid residue high-temperature aerobic fermentation fertilizer + wastewater treatment + waste gas treatment

1. Available resources can be reused to reduce waste and ensure the safety of landfills. A comprehensive fruit and vegetable waste management process can reduce the amount of fruit and vegetable waste and restore the landfill ecologically so that the original land can be redeveloped. With the increasing demand for land resources, there is a huge market potential for the disposal of fruit and vegetable waste in the previously closed landfill.

2. The harmlessness of fruit and vegetable garbage can eliminate the impact of the landfill on the surrounding areas. Due to the lack of effective protection during the operation of the landfill, the pollution of water, gas, and odor leads to environmental and groundwater pollution, especially a large number of informal landfill sites, which seriously damage the lives of local residents. Yes, the impact also damages groundwater. The comprehensive treatment of fruit and vegetable garbage effectively eliminates the original pollution sources, improves the ecological environment, and brings great benefits to the environment and society.

3. Garbage can recycle resources to realize resource recycling. Through comprehensive treatment and resource recovery process, a large amount of humus soil can be obtained, which can be used for planting green flowers and trees, covering the soil required for land cover, and landfill sites for bio-filtering pollutants. Replacing the above materials will have advantages in terms of economic and environmental benefits.

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