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With tones of waste generated every single year at both domestic as well as industrial levels, it becomes imperative to handle this amount of waste efficiently. The type of food or organic waste that has been dumped directly into landfills can further release toxic gases like methane if not treated properly. Thanks to the innovative Organic Waste Composter that is turning organic waste into usable manure while minimizing the toxicity level by 80 to 90 percent from the earth’s surface. Plus, using the organic waste composter machine is smartly improving the shortcomings of the mainstream composting methods used by the Government, industries, and businesses before.

Having said that, let us give you more details about waste composting machines, their features, advantages, and more.

What is Compost Machine?

Before we move further with the compost machine, first understand what composting is all about.

Generally speaking, composting is the technique of breaking down organic substances like waste foods into simpler ones. This is usually done with the help of the micro-organisms present mostly in the soil. The final pathogen-free product or the substance that we get is called compost.

To make the process easier, a waste composting machine is used to effortlessly compost any complex waste and turn the same into useable fertilizer for future use.

In this time the age of technological revolution, the waste management companies are actively looking for a decentralized waste management system that can convert large amounts of organic waste into compost.

Thanks to emerging manufacturers like TOGO that has provided innovative, automated, and productive waste segregation machines with some additional features.

Salient Features of TOGO Composter Machine

Our TOGO Composter machines come with the following features:

  • Our composting machine treats manage and control all the municipal and domestic solid waste professionally.
  • The machine completes the processing procedures in less than 3 to 8 hours saving your time, money, and effort.
  • Focusing more on three important R’s- REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.
  • Performs every task like sorting, separation, accumulating organic waste like a pro.
  • The machine doesn’t require more than one manpower.


Purchasing the best composter in India from the TOGO can get you a plethora of benefits such as:

  • The machine can smoothly handle almost any kind of organic waste.
  • The machine has a low operating expense and requires less energy with optimal results.
  • TOGO Composter manufacturer machines can convert up to 50kgs, 2000kgs to even more organic waste within hours.
  • Our machine comes with stainless steel, demands durability, and minimizes the decomposing process.
  • It is not limited to homes and can be used in hotels, stadiums, parks, hospitals, airports, or elsewhere.

Why Choose TOGO As Your Waste Segregation Partner?

Well, TOGO is consistently bringing a positive shift towards treating the land, soil, and water waste through systematic organic waste composter. We define ourselves as the automatic composter manufacturer that focuses on preventing waste, encouraging following modern approach, and keeping the surroundings cleaner.

We aim to craft a better tomorrow for our coming generation- bringing a positive impact today for new-age people by organic waste organically.

Therefore, buy a composter machine today for treating, managing, and reusing organic waste economically!

Food Waste Composter

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