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Organic Waste Composting Machine

Traditional composting method is different according to the waste of organic materials to flip and stacked 1 to 3 months time, in addition to time-consuming, there are stinking, sewage, accounting for space and other issues. Therefore, to improve the shortcomings of the traditional composting method, need to use Organic Composting Machine.

TOGO Composter Machine is a new age Organic Waste Composter designed to process Organic wastes into products such as compost or fuel sticks or havan samagri. With its innovative technology, the unit maintains a right balance between temperature, air flow and moisture with the right proportions of heat, salt and acid resistance. The unit is capable of processing organic waste into a 70-80% mature compost within a day with almost 85% volume reduction.

The features of the organic composting machine are as follows:

– Fast Composting

「Time is money」, This technology can be 3 to 8 hours to complete the processing procedures, saving time of organic waste treatment is to save money.

– Save space

Because of the high efficiency of the mechanical treatment equipment, space is very small, than the traditional composting method to save space 1/50 ~ 1/100.

– No secondary pollution

This technology has no wastewater and odorless, non-toxic characteristics.

– Saving operating manpower

Because using automatic machinery and equipment, can be directly operated by a single person.

– Reduce other environmental treatment

This technology can make organic waste without landfill, incineration, composting and other treatment.

– Organic waste can be recycled

Composting -free technology for agricultural products for fertilizer or feed applications.

– Multi-functional soil conditioner and organic fertilizer

Can be used for fertilizer applications, increase crop nutrients, reduce the application of chemical fertilizers, improve soil physical and chemical properties, increase soil fertility, and increase crop production and quality.

– Multi-purpose feed

All kinds of animal feed (pig, chicken, cattle, sheep, etc.) additives, can also increase nutrients and fillers to reduce production costs.

CATEGORY OF ORGANIC WASTED TREATED: Kitchen waste, Vegetable residues and fruit wastes, bagasse, sludge etc.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • It occupies small floor space
  • Composts maximum of your Food/Kitchen waste
  • Fully Automatic, hence, saves a lot of manual efforts
  • Process organic waste within 24 hours

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